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Introduction to Morning Routines Course

The video below is the first chapter of my morning routines course. This short video gives a clear insight into what is covered and the benefits of having a morning routine in your life.

On completion of this course you will.....

  • Increase your energy levels by creating a powerful morning routine
  • Learn about the psychology and neuroscience of morning routines
  • Create a measurable daily routine to help you track your days
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Develop greater focus and clarity
  • Learn about the psychology of motivation
  • Improve your motivation levels
  • Increase your productivity

Module 1 - Introduction to Morning Routines

Through module 1 I will highlight several key techniques including gratitude, visualisation, affirmations, mindfulness. I will demonstrate how morning routines don't have to time, they make time.

Module 2 - Creating Morning Routines

In module 2 we will create a measurable daily schedule, which will help you to eliminate procrastination and indecision, improve your productivity, and increase your focus and clarity.