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Brian Pennie & Daniella Moyles

The bliss of love. The heartbreak of loss. The fear of abandonment. Everyone has experienced some, if not all, of these powerful feelings. But not everyone has learned how to deal with them. This is critical, because how we navigate these experiences, and ultimately, our relationships, determines the quality of our lives.

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This course will teach you how to:

  • Identify your attachment style
  • Recognise your unconscious drives
  • Understand the neuroscience of love and heartbreak
  • Get your needs met in a relationship
  • Discover what role trauma plays in your life
  • Feel deeply without being overwhelmed
  • Navigate difficult emotions with confidence
  • Successfully let go of unworkable relationships
  • Implement personal boundaries

Module one will dissect the nature of love. We’ll explore conditional versus unconditional love, romantic versus non-romantic love, as well as the evolution of love, and how it relates to our physiology. We’ll also discuss the impossible cultural pressures ingrained in us from childhood around what love is, and how we can rewire those expectations to form truly healthy, long-lasting, realistic relationships.

Module two will examine the unavoidable effects of our childhood on our adult ‘internal working models’ for concepts like love, trust and self-esteem. You will discover your attachment style, what that attachment style predicts for your romantic relationships, and how best to manage this for happy, healthy outcomes. We’ll also discuss self-talk, self-rules, and conditioned behaviour. 

Module three will explore the universal human experiences of trauma and abandonment. Trauma, in particular, is often misunderstood, so we’ll be expanding on your understanding of what trauma is, and how it unconsciously influences your day-to-day life. We will also dig into the neuroscience of trauma, highlighting several science-based tools that will help you to disarm the unhealthy defences keeping you trapped in problematic patterns of thoughts and behaviour. 

Module four will delve into the neuroscience of love and heartbreak. You will develop a greater understanding of the biological and chemical reactions that flood our bodies when we find love, as well as their inescapable effects on our mood and behaviour when we lose it. We will also discuss the navigation of these intense emotions through the lens of humanistic psychology. 

Module five will teach you the art of letting go and arm you with the tools to move on. Breaking free from old, unconscious patterns of thought and behaviour. Allowing an opening to change with radical acceptance, healthy boundaries. Allowing you to operate from a place of personal power and inner freedom. 

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