If you want to change negative beliefs about yourself, conquer your inner-critic, develop greater self-awareness, or create powerful morning routines, this science-based school is for you.

Brian Pennie, the creator of this school, is a heroin addict turned neuroscientist. In 2013, he experienced his first day clean after 15 years of chronic addiction. Since then, he has become a lecturer at Trinity College and University College Dublin, a final year PhD student, a consultant to leading corporations around the world, a keynote speaker, a life change-strategist, a radio presenter, and author of his recently published memoir, Bonus Time.

During this time, Brian has developed what he calls his Program for Life. This includes a vast range of tools and strategies that focus on self-awareness, values-based decision-making, thinking tools, and mind-set change strategies. Implementing this program had an incredible impact on his life; and now, throughout these courses, he is sharing his experience and knowledge with you.

Master Your Self-Talk

"This course really opens your eyes to all possibilities that can be achieved in this world.”

- Frank Ryder